Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Release Blitz - Playette by T.L. Smith

Playette by T.L. Smith is LIVE! One click today!! 


Vengeance has a name, and her name is mine.

My role is to take action against the darkest men I’ve ever come across.

To kill them one at a time.

Until my list is full.

And in doing so, I’m going to use my most powerful weapon—my body.

They ruined my life, and now it’s my turn to destroy theirs.

Even if it means a death sentence for me, each drop of blood will be deserving.

Each kill will be worthy of the price I may need to pay.

My name is Isadora, and my target is the Moretti Mafia.

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He’s perfect.

I pull away putting some distance between us, I need to breathe and having him that close doesn’t allow me to breathe at all.

“Now, tell me?” I ask, catching my breath.

“No.” My eyes go wide. “You didn’t give me that kiss, I took it. The kiss I want to give you is not on those lips.” His eyes travel down my legs and stops at my pussy, while his tongue darts out and licks his bottom lip like he’s a starving man.

A laugh bubbles up from inside me. “You’re insane,” I say, shaking my head.

In one step he’s back on me again, his lips hard this time as they touch mine. He pushes me back until I reach the wall, and his hands explore my thigh and he pushes up to my pussy under my skirt. He rubs his hand on the outside, making me moan into his mouth before he goes to move my G-string.

When he does, I push on his chest hard and he backs away with a smirk on his face.

“Maybe. Maybe not. But I can smell you, and I know you want it.” He sniffs his fingers and I shake my head.


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USA Today Best Selling Author T.L. Smith loves to write her characters with flaws so beautiful and dark you can't turn away. Her books have been translated into several languages. If you don't catch up with her in her home state of Queensland, Australia you can usually find her travelling the world, either sitting on a beach in Bali or exploring Alcatraz in San Francisco or walking the streets of New York.


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