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Pandora Wild Child Blog Tour - Excerpt & Giveaway


Today's our stop on the Pandora's Wild Child blog tour, we have an awesome excerpt and giveaway for you. Make sure you follow the tour by clicking the link above. ^_^
Pandora Wild Child
by Sunniva Dee
Publication date: October 28th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
I’m free. Fucking free!
I’m in college with my best friends and far, far from home!
With my Scheuermann’s disease as the excuse, my father kept me locked up at home all through high school. Here in Deepsilver, I can finally be me, Pandora, so—

Why the hell should I hold back?

They accept our fake IDs at Smother, our local haunt. I’m the life of the party, everyone loves me—hell, I could get away with murder in this place! Drunk off my ass, I dance on the bar, and—

I’m on top of the world!

I need to get my shit together, though. If I don’t pull off good grades, my father won’t pay my tuition. There’s no way I’m moving back into his “fortress.”
At the bar, I set my eyes on a gorgeous stranger. My plans don’t involve him long term; one night should be enough. But Dominic is more than I bargained for. God, I’m so drawn to this man. My skin hums at his touch because—

He expels the shadows of my past and replaces my pain with desire.

Perfect Dominic. Beautiful, graduating, soon-to-move-on-with-his-life Dominic.
I’m a wild child. A hot mess. Not grownup and focused like him. He’s addictive, and I am weak, but—screw this; I can wean myself off him! With the right antidote—

Addictions can be broken.



“Here.” He begins to pull my top up. I shrink away so he can’t reach. Dominic crosses his arms and looks at me. “Panda, I’ve seen you before.”
That damn blush.
“Shyeah.” I roll my eyes, playing it cool. “But I still want you to turn around.”
“Really?” His brows arch.
“That’s not very professional, Dominic.”
Unfortunately, I’m not hitting a nerve with the comment. His grin broadens. “Babe, you’re the one who summoned me at one a.m. I don’t accept after-hour jobs, and this is way after hours.”
Honestly, I have no idea what he’s trying to say. That he’s making an exception for me? Or is he expecting a booty call?
Ugh. Booty call. Gross!
I settle on him being nice with me, so I remove my shirt with my back to him.
“Now, lie down,” he commands.
“I know. Geez.”
His laughter is low. He’s entertained by me. Light hands skim over my bare skin, causing goose bumps to start at the base of my neck and fan out with his touch. I hope he gets these kinds of reactions a lot, that he isn’t smirking behind me. Hey, maybe he doesn’t even notice.
“You like it.”
“Gah, I wish you were more professional—what are you anyway, like, self taught and just—” I don’t know where I’m going with this, and now he’s laughing out loud.
“I study physiotherapy. I’m in my last year and work at Elysium on the side.”
“So you should act professional, then.” I’m a broken record. My skin sings with every caress. Because that’s what he’s doing—caressing me.
The mattress dips before the weight of him settles on my ass.
“Hey,” I start weakly.
“Too heavy?”
“Mm… no.” Dominic knows where to sit. Is this what they learn in physical therapy school nowadays?
The warmth of his touch seeps into my muscles, and the lingering scent from the massage oils at the spa tickle my nose. He digs the heels of his hands into my shoulders first. When he squeezes around those big muscles, I go rigid.
“Don’t, Pandora. You need to trust me. Relax. Breathe.”
I obey and drag in a gulp of air.
“Better,” he whispers.
He’s rough with me, different from how he treated me at the spa. “Ouch, why’re you being so hard?”
“Because you can take it now.”
Sexy, I think despite myself. For every squeeze, every pinch, the pain stretches in to the dead center of my muscles. Even so, goose bumps disperse over my body, and I feel myself getting…
Down there.
I burrow into the pillow, happy he doesn’t know. Dominic works his way to the small of my back. Hard, sure hands dig in, strumming my threshold of pain. Challenging it. Whenever I tense up the tiniest bit, he tsks at me. Pausing the massage, he holds me still like I’ve been bad, and pushes me lightly into the mattress.
I do what he wants; once I relax, the pressure of his hold alleviates and he continues. I hurt. I daydream. I’m so turned on. All I’m wearing are these tiny shorts.
“Pandora…” His voice is silky. “Please stop.”
“What?” Did I say something out loud?
“The way you move under me.”
I stiffen, embarrassment shooting beet red across my face. Dominic notices and lets go of me. His weight on my behind disappears, and my body screams in protest.
Keep. Touching. Me.
I don’t move. I will his hands to resume their path over me. A feathery light nip at the lining of my hot pants makes me realize that he’s lowering them. He hasn’t asked for permission, but I arch my hips and make it easy for him to roll them down.

I write New Adult fiction with a paranormal twist and don’t shy away from romance and heart-wrenching passion when necessary.

I moved from Norway to the United States in 2001, and the first awesome five years I spent in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Then I read “The Book,” aka Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which spurred my husband and me to move cross country to beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

I’m currently on my seventh year in the Deep South, where I enjoy the heat and the humidity. Besides writing, I spend my time with our “petting zoo” as in an opinionated parrot, a herd of cats that are experts on keyboard shortcuts, and puppies that…uh, bark.

I hold a Master’s degree in languages, with concentrations within literature and linguistics. I taught at college level for a decade before settling in as a graduate adviser at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Writing is my passion, my joy, and my addiction. When I’m not writing, I read.
Shattering Halos is my debut novel, and its standalone sequel, Stargazer, is due out later this year.
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