Sunday, May 22, 2011

Met Cassandra Clare in Sydney 21st May

My sister and I went to Sydney to see Cassandra Clare. We had so much fun and Cassie was such a hoot. The stories she told us were funny. She's just gorgeous! It's great to know how she thought of the storyline for TMI.

 I couldn't get many pictures of her cause we had to turn our mobiles off. We got a rune necklace, not sure which one it is tho. And she signed my book, yay! As you can see I put up some pics of our adventure to Sydney yesterday.
If you haven't read The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare then I recommend you give the books a looksie, they are amazing and always keep you wanting more and we can't forget Jace Wayland *fans face* woooo he's a hottie!

You can find Cassandra's books Here


  1. Oh you lucky ducky you!!! I bet you had an awesome time. And you got a rune necklace!! So jealous. Its a healing/painless rune necklace. Makes you heal faster and numbs the pain when in combat. =D

  2. Hi there,

    They were giving out Heal rune necklaces. I went to Melbourne signing. You have been speaking to Suzi our lovely friend who makes our goodies for us. I have put up our trip on the blog. Cassandra is a lot of fun!!! I have vids of our experience. I would do it all again!!



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