Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bookmark Competition

Hi Everyone!
   Each winner will get to pick any 2 bookmarks from either album and they can be personalized with whatever name you'd like.
  Simply comment below with your choice of 2 bookmarks and you're in the running to win! Competition ends on the 14th of May at 4pm, Australian Eastern time. Goodluck and lets get those followers happening.
Remember the more followers on our blog, the more winners!
100= 1
125= 2
150= 3
175= 4
200= 5

Please help by spreading the word!

Here's the 2 links to the photo's of the bookmarks - Album one

On the album it says contest closed that's just for the last comp we had, these bookmarks are in this comp too


  1. I am trying to get more people >_<

  2. i think this is where i was meant to post to try and win the bookmarks though how can one decide when there are so many awesome ones to choose from

  3. I absolutely loved the Hush Hush bookmark and the Twilight ones! ;)


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