Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Book Review - Evading the Dark by E.M. Rinaldi

Evading the Dark
(The Cross Chronicles, #1)
By E.M. Rinaldi
Release Date - 11th April, 2016

High school sucks. It doesn’t matter who you ask; jock, cheerleader, computer nerd, or band geek, they will all say the same thing: It’s a nightmare. But Casey is still wondering how she got the short end of the stick. Just a Sophomore at the prestigious Luthos Academy for Magical Beings, Casey already knows more about heartache and fear than any almost-sixteen-year-old should. Orphaned and left to be raised by the Academy, she spends her days training to become a Guardian, but that dream is looking dimmer with every day that passes.Unlike the wand-waving heroines in all her favorite books, Witches in her world don’t cast spells, they are born wielding the power of nature: water, fire, earth, or air; powers Casey never developed. She’ll be lucky if they even allow her to take her final exams.

She is top of her training class, but that doesn’t keep her from being looked down upon by every other being at her school. All Casey wants is to be given a chance, instead she finds the only life she’s ever known targeted by an unfathomable evil. Thrust into the center of an age-old prophecy, a war is coming with Casey at the reins.

Will relying on her hard earned training be enough for her to make it out alive? 



My Rating:


My Review:

First off, that cover is a major eye catcher, I just love it so much!! Secondly, what lays inside is even more amazing!!

From the first page I was sucked in, I found myself unable to put the book down. 

With a compelling storyline, lovable characters, laugh out loud moments and an ending that'll leave you wanting more, this story is a must read. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and have already one-clicked book 2, Hiding Till Dawn, which after that ending I was so glad I didn't have to wait to dive back into this story.

A story you'll find yourself reading over and over again. Keep an eye out for my review of Hiding Till Dawn, it won't be too far behind. :-)


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