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Review/Giveaway- Pieces of Us by Hannah Downing

Title- Pieces of Us
Author- Hannah Downing
Genre- Romance
Publish Date- 5th of April 2011
Publisher- Omnific Publishing

Blurb- Charlotte Barnes believed her life was perfect until a betrayal forced her from everything she knew and loved. Devastated and trying to put the past behind her, Charlotte sought a new life in a new town.

Now, five years later, her fiancĂ© has convinced her it’s time to return home and face her past. But will the truth she learns and the people she re
connects with destroy her carefully crafted happiness?

Hannah Downing has created an emotional rollercoaster about lost love and the way one indiscretion can change the course of your life. Charlotte questions every decision she’s eve
r made, but she may discover that when you lose everything, you can truly find yourself.

Review- One word... INTENSE! Whether that was because I went through something similar to Charlotte or not I don't know but far out it was intense! We start off meeting Charlotte when she is 18 years old. Having only been dating Cameron for a short time. Innocent love. Then we fast foward to them having just moved in together. Getting a little more serious. Next come the wedding. So beautiful and full of love. Charlotte is 22 years old, happily married to the man of her dreams, or so she thought. She finds every wife's nightmare, a txt from another woman on her husbands phone. Shattered and broken she runs, she runs as far as she can go. 5 years down the track a newly engaged Charlotte comes back to her hometown at the request of her fiance Owen to face her past so they can move onto their future as a couple. Little did she know just what she would get herself into. It comes down to one choice. Owen or Cameron.

Pieces of Us has so much raw emotion in it. I must admit that at times I found my heart breaking for Charlotte. I got choked up. I CRIED! Hannah Downing really proved herself as an author in Pieces of Us. Everyone has had a first love and most have lost them, so we know what it's like. Reading this book brings out all of those emotions. I grew to care for Charlotte and wanted her pain to go away. Downing made sure through her creativity that we made that connection to her character easily. She also made it easy for me to create some sort of feeling toward all of the characters in the book, whether it was that I despised them or adored them.

I'm not a real romance novel person but from the few that I have read this would hands down be my favourite. I even read it in less then a day! I believe every woman/ girl would love this book. Whether it's for the one who has had something similar happen to them or whether you have the anxiety about whether this could happen to you. Maybe you have had a perfect love life from day dot and have nothing to complain about, you would ADORE this book, even if it's to see what the rest of have been through or are going through.

What I got out of this. Communication is Key! Now go buy this book! You will not regret it!

Did I mention Hannah lives 3 hours away from me!

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  1. I LOVE the cover! This one sounds so me. Pieces of us and I could get so well together. I love your review, btw=D

  2. The cover is amazing, Oh I would love to read this one. Love your site :) thanks for the giveaway and great review.

  3. Oh my! It sounds like a roller coaster of emotions, therefore a definite read; I've always been a sucker for a tearjerker!

  4. Oh wow !! this book sounds awesome !!! I can't wait to read it !! Great review Nay :)

  5. Love the cover and the plot! Totally adding it on my TBR pile!

  6. This looks to be a very interesting book. I may have to find it and read it sometime!

  7. I love the cover!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this giveaway :)

  8. Wow this sounds like an amazing book! It's going on my tbr pile!

  9. Looks like it going to be a good book.

  10. The word Betrayal alone always seems to stir the mental pot!! sounds interesting!

  11. Thank you so much for the chance to win! Sounds really great :)

  12. The cover looks great with your blog background! I loved this novel too. Awesome review.

  13. I think the cover is really beautiful! <3 Thanks for the awesome giveaway:D Meghangale(at)rogers(dot)com

  14. Thank for the giveaway, I would love to read the book and I loved your review.

  15. Nice review! I know the giveaway is over, but was curious what others thought about this book. Not sure I want something really heavy right now, but I might try to get started and see if I can handle it. If not, I will definitely keep it on my TBR for the right time.

  16. Love the cover! But gotta admit I'm a bit cofused about Charlotte's situasion here. Is she still married to Cameron when she's enganged with Owen?


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